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Who's In Your Circle of Trust

I recently had an amazing time of rejuvenation and transformation when I had the honor of attending a mastermind session in Atlanta, GA. I was blessed to connect with some amazing "power women" who encouraged me to continue pursuing my passion of helping others to live at their best. As I was sitting there and listening to all of the wisdom, creativity and strength of these women, I began to reflect on the importance of connecting yourself to the right people to help you achieve your dreams. So today, I have one simple question for you~ who's in your circle of trust? Take a moment to evaluate your inner circle: those that have the most influence over you, your thoughts and your dreams. Then ask yourself, are they helping you to flourish or are they causing you to perish? Are they propelling you forward, or are they causing you to be stagnant? Your inner circle should be filled with people who inspire you to achieve greater heights, not people who drain you and discourage you from desiring more for yourself. Everyone in your life is not meant to be permanent, even if it may be someone that has been in your life for several years. Like the old wise tale says, some people are here for a reason, others a season and a special few ~ for a lifetime! It's time to evaluate who you let ~ and keep in your circle of trust! Evaluating Relationships

It's important to understand that your relationships with others have a significant impact on your success or failure. This is one of the most important things that I had to realize on my journey to total transformation. If you allow those with negative attitudes into your space, it can affect your whole outlook on life and cause you major stress as their infectious attitudes begin to make you have feelings of fear, doubt or shame. In fact, research has proven that interaction with pessimistic people can cause negative neurological traffic in the brain resulting in a “fight or flight” stress response, which in the long run is toxic to your state of being. I discuss this more in my best-selling book, "A Woman's Guide To De-Stress For Success- 10 Essential Tips to Conquer Stress and Live At Your Best!"

On the other hand, optimistic people foster a positive and nurturing attitude. These people are strong, determined individuals who possess a positive outlook on life, despite their circumstances. Their zeal for life is contagious and they spread a sparkle of light everywhere they go! This influences the power they have over stress and challenging situations! A positive person has bad days, but refuses to allow bad experiences to fester inside. Their spirit is contagious as well, but instead of spreading guilt and condemnation, they are spreading love, encouragement and joy! I'm not sure about you, but that's who I want~and need~ in my corner! These types of people add value to your life as they hold you accountable to your dreams and inspire you to be your best. If you are a person of faith, you understand the importance of "speaking life" over your stressful situations. When you have a strong support system, you don't have to speak life alone. Your circle will do it with you...and for you!

With that being said, sometimes, despite our best efforts, our personal intuition isn't enough to decipher whether or not someone is good for us. That is why it's important to ask for wisdom and discernment about who to let in and get out of your corner! That is why prayer and meditation are extremely important. Through this time of devotion, God will give you wisdom and reveal the truth to you! Even if it hurts to let some people go, know that if they are no longer meant to be in your inner circle, you will be better in the end and your future self will thank you. Also know that just as He shaves some individuals out of your life, He will surely bring the right people into your life to help you sparkle like the "Diamond" that you are!

" You are a Diamond. Never let anyone dull your sparkle!" ~ Dr. Tiffany

Much love,

Dr. Tiffany

The Nation's Leading Expert to De-Stress for Success

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