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The Stress Expert

It is estimated that over 60% of medical illness have chronic stress as a major underlying factor. This is particularly true for women who have experienced increased demands over recent years. Recognizing this, Dr. Tiffany has committed herself to helping others de-stress and think about healthy living in a whole new way ~ from the inside out.


In 2015, she founded the Institute of Transformational Health & Wellness, where Dr. Tiffany utilizes her expertise and years of experience to facilitate trainings and workshops that help women Master Their Mindset, Restore Their Bodies and Recharge & Reset as they De-Stress for Success.  


In April 2016, Dr. Tiffany added author to her list of credentials as she released her best-selling book, A Woman’s Guide to De-Stress For Success: 10 Essential Tips to Conquer Stress & Live at Your Best.

As a consummate teacher, and with her ability to touch the hearts of individuals wherever she goes, Dr. Tiffany has earned the title of The Nation’s Leading Expert to De-Stress For Success, as she seeks to change the lives of millions all across this globe. 



Do you feel fed up, overwhelmed, overworked or just completely stressed out?  If you’ve answered yes, you are not alone.  


In today’s world full of daily schedules, deadlines and demands, women are much more likely to experience major stress as they multi-task through life.  The problem is that stress can make you sick!  In fact, many of the illnesses that drive patients to the doctor’s office have chronic stress as a major underlying factor, and after reading this book you’ll understand why. 

In A Woman’s Guide To De-Stress For Success, board certified family physician and stress expert Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne combines her medical knowledge with her personal experiences as a successful doctor, wife, and mother of two, to help busy women find balance and transform their lives from the inside out.  


This is the most practical guide for today’s modern woman, filled with important medical information, interactive exercises, and spiritual guidance to inform you, inspire you, and help you live at your best – mind, body, and spirit.  

Let Dr. Tiffany transform you!

The Weight Loss Specialist

Did you know that chronic stress can have a significant impact on your weight? In fact, recent studies have shown that one's lifestyle, in particular how they manage stress, has a major effect on behaviors and their ability to manage weight. Understanding this, in 2016, Dr. Tiffany became a board-certified Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Her aim is to address the needs of the whole person as she teaches them proven methods that will help them meet their health and weight goals.  

In addition, since becoming board certified, she has launched the Healthy, Fit and Fabulous movement aimed at helping women appreciate their worth as the diamonds they are and understand the importance of self-care, stress management and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

Looking for a weight loss specialist to help you lose weight and keep it off? Schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Tiffany in the office by calling

919-350-1000 or contact her via email at 

“Practicing self-care is not being selfish or over-indulgent. It’s about understanding your worth, recognizing that in order for you to effectively help anyone else, you have to first take care of yourself!” ~ Dr. Tiffany   

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